Park Rules In Valmiki Tiger Reserve

It is expected that the tourists visiting VTR will observe decorum and respect the tranquility and sereneness of nature.


Don't litter the surroundings.
Wild animal sightings are matter of chance, be patient and enjoy the wilderness of forests.
Total silence and discipline enchances the chance of animal sighting.
If anyone sights any wildlife don't shout just indicate others by hand.
Don't wear colurful clothes. Khakis, brown and green outfits are the best suited for forests.
Don't use strong perfume.
Trekkers are advised to use jungle boots to ensure safety.
Carry drinking water.
Give way to Animals first.
Carry a first aid kit with common medicines.
Respect animal and their habitat.

Strictly Prohibited:

Strictly follow the gate timing.
Consuming alcohol or visiting VTR under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Don't disturb or tease animals.
Smoking and carrying inflammable materials is prohibited to avoid forest fire.
Playing music and musical instrument is prohibited during trekking and safari visit.
Carrying arms and ammunition is strictly prohibited.
Carrying & consuming eatables while in forests is prohibited.

Additional Eco-Tourism Facilities

Trekking: In VTR there is facility of short trek of 2-3 hours at select locations.
Bird watching: Valmiki Tiger Reserve is rich in bird diversity because of its diversified habitat. The reserve has also been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by the Indian Bird Conservation Network.

Peep through watch Tower: Visitors of VTR can enjoy watching wildlife and landscape through watchtowers. Wooden watchtower of Ganauli Range provides a majestic view of river Manor and hills of Himalayas. Similarly watch towers at Bankatwa amidst pine grooves is worth visiting. Watch towers are also located at Thori, Bajani, Singha Sonbarsa, Bherihari and Bhaluthapa