Activities In Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Nature Walk:

Visitors will be taken through designated routes of roughly 4-5 kms. length which will give them an idea about the terrain, vegetation and wildlife of the reserve. Wildlife trekker/guides will accompany the group. The group size may vary from 4-6 visitors. Children below 15 years are not allowed. If you want to hear the sounds of forest and walk its grandeur, this is one activity you won't want to miss.

Border Trek:

The ridge of the Someshwar range is the border between India & Nepal. From top, one can have a bird's eye view of the entire tiger reserve and also that of Chitwan National park. The trek will be day long (7 A.M to 5 P.M.) and will test one's physical fitness and grit. One has to cross streams, conquer steep slopes and walk along narrow passes. Packed meals will be provided en-route. Group size may vary between 10-15. Children below 15 years are not allowed.

Jungle Camp:

One gets to stay at night in one of the Anti-poaching camps or watch towers along with spot lights and night vision devices. Beds are provided. Group size may vary from 2-4. Children below 15 years are not allowed. Call of the wild breaking silence of the woods, will hardly let you close your eyes.

Tiger Trail:

Early morning, along with tiger trekkers, one gets to walk the same path as traversed by the king of forests. If one is lucky, one might get to see a kill. Wildlife enthusiasts will get to know how pugmarks, scratches and scent marking are detected & used by trekkers for valuable information. Each group will consist of 4-6 visitors. Children below 15 years are not allowed.