Welcome To Valmiki Tiger Reserve


Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) is one of the nature's virgin recesses in east India and is situated in the North West corner of the State of Bihar. The pristine forest and wilderness of VTR is an excellent example of Himalayan Terai landscape. VTR comprises of the Valmiki National Park and Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary. The VTR forest area covers 901.07 sq km which is 17.4% of the total geographical area of the district West Champaran.

Total forest area comprises of about 901 sq.km., out of which expanse of Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary is 880.78 sq km. and spread of the National Park is about 335.64 sq. km.In north, the protected areas are bordered by Nepal while the Indian state Uttar Pradesh bounds the Wildlife Sanctuary from western side.

Administrative Structure

The Conservator of Forests-cum-Field Director exercises administrative control over the Valmiki Tiger Reserve which is constituted into two Forest Divisions viz. Valmiki Tiger Reserve Division-I and Division- II, that are under the control of two Divisional forest Officer-cum-Deputy Directors. VTR has 8 Ranges of which 3 ranges Manguraha, Gobardhana & Raghia fall in Division-I and 5 Ranges ;Harnatanr, Chiutaha, Ganauli, Valmikinagar & Madanpur fall in Division-II. Valmiki Tiger Reserve Foundation was established in year 2010. The aim of Foundation is to help Reserve management in biodiversity conservation and better functioning of Eco Development Committees.

Some important facts